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TV, Film and Drama

MJTV also produces original exciting dramas.
Turning visions into visuals at low cost with tremendous effect!
These examples are written, directed & produced by Mark Thompson:


Ghostlands is the title of an original British supernatural sci-fi series produced by MJTV. The 90 minute pilot episode was entirely self funded by MJTV. Six humans are thrown into complex web of deceit that links them with an alien super-race, and ghosts out for vengeance. The action spanning past and present, the Earth, the planet Klyrizanqua and.....”Ghostlands”

An original feature film commissioned by Six Foot High Films Ltd. in Manchester in 2001. Running at 2 hours 12 minutes, this comedy whodunnit with a supernatural edge was produced on a budget of just £20K. Brothel owner Madame Ouvre and Sister Conceptre investigate in their own unique way, the disappearance of Fanny Gapp after she wins millions. Which, if any, of the six suspects is responsible? And what part has the alien hiding in the garage got to play in the whole affair.....



If you or your company have an idea, a script, a budget and want to produce your drama effectively for a low budget for whatever medium, Then call MJTV for a chat now, about what we can do, to make that drama a visual reality!

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