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Educational Drama

MJTV specialises in educational drama
and received government commendation for "Written off"
a drama about the issues of school non-attendance.


Drama can deal with and raise issues, pose questions and dilemmas, leaving the audience to discuss and reflect. Issues can be portrayed and explored in various ways, whether it be with humour, or hard hitting focused storylines, or through 'soap style' characters and settings - the options are vast and can be utilised to underline whatever emphasis is required.

Whatever the audience and education to impart, MJTV provides effective, engaging delivery via bespoke thought-provoking memorable straight run drama. MJTV always uses experienced actors often well known from television, who bring that extra dimension of credibility and quality to all productions.
Mark has over 15 years of writing, directorial and production.



Costs will depend upon: Scripting required, how many locations
and where they are, overall duration of programme, number of actors, costumes, props.
Call or email here for a full quote or initial meet to discuss your needs.


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